What are the requirements?

  1. Camera with built-in microphone and speaker output
    • Our recommended IP camera is the Foscam FI8910w
      for Indoor and FI8905W for Outdoor.
    • We will be also assisting in purchasing the IP camera.
  2. High Speed internet connection
    • Internet Service Provider(ISP) that allows "Port Forwarding".
    • Request "Static IP address" from your service provider.
    • Minimum 1 mbps upload speed.
  3. Wi-Fi Router that supports Port Fowarding (if not provided by the ISP).
  4. Speakers
    • For the monitoring person to be able to transmit audio on site, in case needed.
  5. Computer Desktop or Laptop
    • Temporary only, just for us to be able to connect and remotely configure the IP cameras.