Security you can trust

24 hours 7 days a week

Remote Surveillance is a cost-effective method of providing live on-
the-ground site protection around the clock, without the huge costs
associated with providing 24 hour manned cover.

For Residential and Commercial

It works by connecting motion detectors to cameras, linked to a 24 hour remote monitoring control centre. Using high speed broadband, the integrated cameras and motion sensors detect any movement onsite. If an alarm / detectors are triggered, images from an associated camera are transmitted to a Remote monitoring Operator, 24 hours a day.

If the images indicate a problem, the trained operators will manage the incident by immediately issuing a verbal audio warning to any intruder through onsite speakers. If necessary, operators will alert the emergency services who provide a priority response as the incident has been visually confirmed.

How it Works

Remote Surveillance gives you:

Crime Prevention

Live Intervention

24 hours 7 day a week protection

False Alarm Prevention

Peace of mind

Cost Savings